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5 Things To Consider Before Moving Into A Tiny Home

tiny home may be one answer to high rents

A tiny home can be something to consider with rents going up and up in some parts of the country.

If you are thinking about a tiny home, here are a few thoughts to consider.

By Kristin Flores

With the rise in popularity of tiny homes and the current odd goings on in the world, my fellow millennial buddies and I have been chatting about packing up, moving out and building our own tiny home commune.

Upon initial research, this fantasy of ours didn’t seem so outlandish. Affordability of custom construction/limiting our debt amount, ability to relocate at any moment’s notice and minimizing our environmental footprint; all of these sounds like it’s right up our alley!

But the deeper I’ve dug, the more I’ve uncovered a number of subtle nuances that comes with transitioning into a tiny home.

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3 Smart-Home Technology Ideas That Add Value To Your Rental Unit

Add value to your rental unit with technology such as a smart thermostat

Adding value to your rental units can frequently help get new tenants, and help to keep the ones you. Here are a few devices to consider.

By Kristin Flores

Rental Housing Journal

Among the products that are a result of our incredible leaps and bounds with technology, smart home technology has become increasingly popular for homeowners and the rental housing industry.

With the advent of technology such as the Amazon Echo , the infamous Siri  and various other devices that make your life easier, smart home technology has been weaving itself into our daily lives. From our most basic appliances  being able to control almost everything in your home with your cellphone - even if you are in a completely different country!

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Is Airbnb Good, Or Is It Bad, For Rental Housing?

Airbnb and the rental housing industry - is it good or bad?

Summary: The Airbnb lawsuit against the city of San Francisco is again focusing the debate on what is good, or bad, for the rental housing industry and the impact on the lack of affordable housing in many large cities.

By Kristin Flores

Airbnb has sued the City of San Francisco in federal court over the city’s new rules requiring registration of rentals and threats to fine the company for unregistered apartment rentals.

 San Francisco has blamed the company for depleting the supply of rental housing. And the city is trying to restrict the company’s growth.

Numerous regulatory efforts against the company show that what appears to be an easy-to-do business model can become a disorganized mess when it meets real-world markets and existing rules and attempts to change them.

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Effectively Connecting with Your Millennial Tenants

Connecting with Your Millennial Tenants

Now that you are aware of what millennials are looking for in a rental property, let’s talk about effectively connecting with your millennial tenants.

When getting into the resources you can utilize to connect with millennials, it is really rather easy and simple!  It’s a pretty safe bet to say that almost all of us, not just millennials, are glued to their phone, laptop or tablet and almost always have some sort of connection to the internet. According to Deloitte’s 2015 global mobile consumer survey, on average people check their phones 46 times a day. That’s 46 opportunities to connect with your current and potential tenants.

Social Media

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What Millennials are Looking for in Rental Properties

What Millennials are Looking for in Rental Properties


We are the young 20 somethings all the way through to the very early 30 somethings. We are the tech-savvy, young urban professionals stricken with wanderlust and independence.

It’s been a noticeable trend that a lot of millennials are choosing to live with their parents for much longer than past generations have, but we can’t bum off mom and dad forever.  But, we may come home to raid the fridge from time to time.

There are 83.1 million of millennials out there in the US, and the majority of us are opting to rent than to buy.


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Basic Design Tips for Realtors and Property Managers

graphic design tips for realtors and property managers

Basic Design Tips for Realtors and Property Managers


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