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5 Mistakes I Will Never Repeat As A Real Estate Investor

5 mistakes I will never repeat as a real estate investor

Mistakes are part of learning when you decide to become a real estate investor.

This week blogger Kevin Guz, who started as a part-time real estate investor while working fulltime in the corporate world, writes about some of his experiences that may help you in your real estate investing projects


By Kevin Guz

5 mistakes I will never make again as a real estate investor blog by Kevin Guz

Boy, I tell you, I have done a lot of deals and made a lot of mistakes.

It is hard to pick the first one. In my world you win some and you learn some.

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How In The World Are You Going To Get A Good Tenant?

How are you going to get a good tenant?

Kevin Guz is a veteran real estate investor and in this blog talks about the fear of getting a good tenant and how it almost kept him from becoming a real estate investor.

By Kevin Guz

When I look back at my first rental property purchase more than 10 years ago, I am amazed at my good fortune.

Because there were plenty of times, as a part-time real estate investor with a full-time career outside of real estate, I tried to talk myself out of that first purchase.

Kevin Guz on finding a tenant

Kevin Guz

 And there were others who also tried to talk me out of it.

Obviously, I didn't listen. We made that purchase, and we still hold that property today. And, we have been purchasing rental properties ever since and have yet to sell a rental property.

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How I Bought My First Rental Duplex On My Lunch Hour

How I bought my first rental duplex on my lunch hour blog by Kevin Guz

Many find it hard to buy rental property while holding down a full-time job.

Kevin Guz who now owns a HomeVestors franchise in Dallas tells the story of how he got started on his lunch hour.

By Kevin Guz

For many part-time investors or investors embarking on that first rental investment property purchase the easiest excuse is, “I don’t have time.”

If you have the desire to purchase investment real estate, and you are already involved in your career -  you have a great full-time job or full-time passion and career – that is not an excuse that that should keep you from also pursuing your passion of owning investment real estate.

Don’t let the time factor hold you back.

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