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REI2Day: "Richer" Lives, Average US Rent, Fair Market Rents & More

REI2Day: "Richer" Lices, Average US Rent,  Fair Market Rents & More

Best & Worst States for a “Richer” Life

What are the best and worse states for families to lead a richer life?  And by richer we aren’t referring to wealth but rather all of the opportunities and factors that contribute to an increased quality of life.  The folks over at GoBankingRates.com recently crunched the numbers for all 50 states (and DC) to identify which provided the best income, housing, healthcare and educational opportunities.  They analyzed twelve factors that were split up among five categories;  Jobs & Income, Housing, Lifestyle, Healthcare and Safety.  Click here to read more.


Cash Sales 30% of All Home Sales in May

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REI2Day: Foreclosures, Negative Equity, Nightly Rentals & More

REI2Day: Foreclosures, Negative Equity, Nightly Rentals & More

13 States Posted Increase in Foreclosure Starts

A couple weeks ago we learned that, nationally, foreclosures were trending downward.  However, looking deeper into that data (courtesy of ATTOM Data Solutions’ ReatyTrac) reveals that 13 states have actually seen year-over-year increases in the number of foreclosure starts – with Delaware leading the pack with a 113% increase.  Click here to read more.


Negative Equity Affects more than 1 in 10 Homeowners

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5 Mistakes I Will Never Repeat As A Real Estate Investor

5 mistakes I will never repeat as a real estate investor

Mistakes are part of learning when you decide to become a real estate investor.

This week blogger Kevin Guz, who started as a part-time real estate investor while working fulltime in the corporate world, writes about some of his experiences that may help you in your real estate investing projects


By Kevin Guz

5 mistakes I will never make again as a real estate investor blog by Kevin Guz

Boy, I tell you, I have done a lot of deals and made a lot of mistakes.

It is hard to pick the first one. In my world you win some and you learn some.

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REI2DAY: The Highs and Lows of Student Housing Rent Growth & More

 The Highs and Lows of Student Housing Rent Growth

Mortgage Delinquency at Lowest Level Since 2006

The Mortgage Bankers Association recently reported that delinquency rates for mortgage loans on one to four-unit residential properties fell to their lowest level since 2006, while foreclosure rates fell to their lowest level in 16 years.  The data was part of the their 2nd quarter National Delinquency Survey which showed that the delinquency rate fell 11 basis points to 4.66% of all loans outstanding.  The percentage of loans with started foreclosure actions fell to 0.32% – the lowest since 2000.  Click here to read more.  Click here to read more.


Home Equity Loans May Come Back to Haunt Borrowers & Banks

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Cash Flow Investing Today Or Bigger Bucks Later?

Investing for cash flow now or long-term appreciation is something real estate investors need to figure out

Cash flow today or bigger bucks later is really about how to choose the real estate investing style that fits you and your goals. You may have always wanted to get started in real estate investing, even while you have a full-time job today, but are not sure where to start. Or, you may be a veteran investor and thinking about a change in strategy. Here are some thoughts to help. 

By Larry Arth

With all the opportunities in real estate investing today there are many different styles.

From the seasoned investors like Warren Buffett, to the new Wall Street investors, the individual mom and pop investors and now even the new beginners. New first time investors make up about 50 percent of all real estate investors today.

With so many different investors there are obviously many different investing styles, so how do you choose?

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REI2DAY: The Best & Worst Cities for Renters & More

REI2DAY: The Best & Worst Cities for Renters  & More

The Best & Worst Cities for Renters

We’ve seen some pretty interesting data from personal saving and comparison website WalletHub.  Recently they analyzed & ranked 150 of America’s largest cities for their rental attractiveness and quality of life to come up with the Best & Worst Cities for Renters.  They utilized 15 key metrics ranging from historical rental-price changes, cost of living and jobs availability drawn from a variety of public & private data resources.  Click here to read more.


Are Real Estate Buying Habits linked to Social Media Behavior?

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REI2DAY: Cities To Invest On a Budget & More

REI2DAY: Cities To Invest On a Budget & More

Several States to Hold Sales-Tax Holidays for Back-to-School

Bankrate.com is reporting that seventeen states are planning to hold sales-tax holidays for the back-to-school season starting as early as this week.  Most tax-free items are clothing and school supplies however some states include school-related purchases such as computers and other accessories.  The rules vary from state to state as do the dates – with the soonest starting July 29th and the last one finishing on August 20th.  Click here to read more.


Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate on a Budget?

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Why Labor Force Shortage Ahead Is Great News For Housing

Why coming labor shortages will be good for housing

A surge in retirees,or people turning 65, will slow the growth of workers in the US in the coming years, according to a new study from John Burns Real Estate Consulting. This labor force shortage will impact the number of new jobs available as well as the salaries companies will have to pay in the future for workers is good news for housing.

By Chris Porter, Chief Demographer

John Burns Real Estate Consulting

In 2000, 2 million people turned 65, then in 2016, 3.5 million did, and by 2021 this will rise to 4.0 million. Even with a higher than usual rate of retiree-aged people working, US economic growth will almost certainly remain slow.

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REI2DAY: What the kitchen faucet taught me about how to keep great tenants

What the kitchen faucet taught me about how to keep great tenants

California City Attempting Warrantless Snooping on Rental Property


A new federal lawsuit says the California city of Highland is violating the Fourth Amendment rights of landlords and tenants by subjecting them to unjustified & warrantless open-ended searches of their property by city inspectors without complaints or evidence of wrongdoing.  The lawsuit was filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) on behalf of local landlord Karl Trautwein and his tenants. The PLF said that the city is “attempting to bully property owners and tenants into allowing inspectors in without a warrant.”  Click here to read more



Many Cities Don’t Think Renters Have Fourth Amendment Rights


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REI2DAY: Brexit, GOP and Pokemon

The Fix Crowdfunding Act


As many of you may or may not know, the Fix Crowdfunding Act just passed through the House and is now moving on to the Senate. This may seem strange considering Title III crowdfunding revisions were just made active in May, but, if you know anything about the nuances of crowdfunding, you know it can still be improved. Today, let’s look at what the Fix Crowdfunding Act looks to correct.  Click here to read more.



Brexit Unlikely to Roil U.S. Real Estate Sector



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