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RHJ Investor is the department of Rental Housing Journal that speaks specifically to the interests and needs of real estate investors and apartment owners. Whether you're part or a REIT (real estate investment trust) , independently own large apartment communities, are a small landlord with 1 or 2 rental homes or choose to fix and flip, RHJ Investor is a great source for information. This site features how-tos and best practices for buying and selling property, real estate taxes, choosing property management and maintenance vendors, 1031 excahnges & TICs, apartment financing, budgeting and much more.

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REI2DAY: Best Single Family Rental Markets & More

U.S. Median Rent for One-Bedroom Apartment $1,126

Rental information site Zumper recently released their National Rent Report for November that showed another month of mixed results across the country with their index falling for the 3rd straight month.  The national average rental rate for one-bedroom units fell 0.9% to $1,126 while the 2-bedroom average fell 0.5% to $1,344.  Click here to read more.


Construction Employment Increasing

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Arizona Multifamily Transactions Top $3 Billion

Multifamily transactions top $3 billion in Arizona through third quarter ABI Multifamily reports

West Coast Investors Move To The Desert

The Phoenix metro area saw $3.6 billion in total multifamily transactions, involving 10 units or more per property, through the end of the third quarter of 2016, according to a new report from ABImultifamily.com.

The transactions represent a 51% increase from 2015 and an 88% increase from 2013, according to Thomas M. Brophy, Director of Research, for ABImultifamily.com, said in a release.

The report says Arizona has been the prime benefactor of apartment investors getting priced out of expensive West Coast markets.

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REI2Day: 20 Hottest US Real Estate Markets & More

20 Hottest US Real Estate Markets

America’s 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets

With homes moving off the market in October up to 2% faster than this time last year the folks over at Realtor.com decided to it would be a good time to put together a list of America’s Top 20 Real Estate Markets.   Using data from where homes are in highest demand (listing views by market) and selling the fastest (measured by days on market).  They also report that the median list price of $250k – which is 8% higher than a year ago and a new record for the month of October.  Click here to read more.


Foreclosure Legacy From The Housing Crisis Is Finally Dead

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REI2Day: Single-Family Rental Returns Drop to Nine-Year Low & More

Single-Family Rental Returns

Single-Family Rental Returns Drop to Nine-Year Low

Data powerhouse RealtyTrac recently released their Q3 2016 Single Family Rental Market Report which found that for homes purchased in 2016 the average single-family rental returns dropped to a nine-year low.  Analyzing data from 473 counties, the report says the average annual gross rental yield (monthly rent, annualized, divided by median the home price) was 8.7% for properties purchased in the first seven months of 2016, down from an average of 8.8% from 2015 and the lowest level since 2007 – when it was 7.3%.  Click here to read more.


Foreclosure Rate Falls to Nine-Year Low

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REI2Day: Home Prices Will Outpace Inflation & More

Home Prices Will Outpace Inflation

Cash Sales Just Under 30% of All Home Sales in July

CoreLogic is reporting that cash sales accounted for 29.7%  of total home sales in July 2016, down 1.9 percentage points year over year from July 2015.  REO sales had the largest cash sales share in July at 57.6%, followed by resales at 29.4%, and short sales at 28.1 percent.  Newly constructed homes came in at 15%.  Overall, New York had the largest share of cash sales share at 44.6%, followed by Alabama (43.6%), Florida (39.6%), New Jersey (37.3%) and Indiana (37%).  Click here to read more.


Median Seller Tenure Steadily Increased Since 1985

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Real Estate Investors Return To Buying Rentals

real estate investors return to buying homes and managing them like apartments

Real Estate Investors Start Buying Homes And Managing Them Like Apartments

As homeownership has dropped and more tenants prefer to rent, real estate investors, both institutional and individuals, have returning to buying more rental properties in the past year as the returns are now attractive compared to other investments, a new study shows.

While the returns on rentals have remained about the same or dropped slightly, the returns are still favorable compared to other investing options. A new report by ATTOM Data Solutions, parent company of RealtyTrac, shows the average annual gross rental yield - monthly rent, annualized, divided by median home price - among the 473 counties was 8.7 percent for properties purchased in the first seven months of 2016, down from an average of 8.8 percent for the same time period in 2015, a nine-year low.

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REI2Day: Best and Worst Cities to Own Investment Property & More

Best and Worst Cities to Own Investment Property

Nearly 2 Million Homes at Risk from Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew will likely be the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since 2005.  Property information powerhouse CoreLogic estimates that there nearly 2 Million Homes at Risk from Hurricane Matthew in the states of Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.  Their analysis shows that damage from storm surge flooding could cause an estimated $405 billion in total reconstruction cost value.  Click here to read more


Best and Worst Cities to Own Investment Property?

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89 Percent Of Investors Want To Put Money In Real Estate

investors want to put money in real estate

Family Important To Investors

A majority of investors would like to put their money into real estate because they think it will benefit their family in the long term, according to a new survey.

Also they believe real estate investing helps achieve financial success.

By John Triplett

Rental Housing Journal

A new survey shows 89 percent of U.S. investors are interested in putting their money into real estate to benefit their family in some way and want to be geographically close to their investments, according to a release.

The survey shows 80 percent of investors believe a real estate portfolio is one of the best financial legacies they could leave for their family.

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REI2Day: Private Investment in Public Housing, Crowdfunding Flips, Blockchain Tecnology & More

Private Investment in Public Housing, Crowdfunding Flips, Blockchain Tecnology & More

Report Says Private Investment in Public Housing is Succeeding

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently released a report on their Rental Assistance Demonstration program that says it’s on track to accomplish its primary goal of attracting substantial new capital that will stabilize the physical and financial conditions of public housing properties across the country.  The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) was created in order to give public housing authorities (PHA’s) a powerful tool to preserve and improve public housing properties and address the $26 billion dollar nationwide backlog of deferred maintenance.  Click here to read more.


Existing-Home Sales Decline in August

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7 Headlines Real Estate Investors Should Watch

Which headlines Investors should watch blog by larry arth

We are constantly bombarded with information these days and investors hear many things from many sources.

Our veteran real estate investor Larry Arth talks about the headlines investors ask him about and what they should be watching.

Headlines may be national, but how does that translate to local?

By Larry Arth

Investors often call or email me all excited, or perhaps disappointed, because they have seen a headline or read an article somewhere on real estate investing and want to know my thoughts.


Before you move past the headlines you want to ask yourself if this is local news, state news or national news?

Does the headline or article in the news truly have an impact on your rental business?

Sometimes headlines or articles can sensationalize a topic. You want to read between the lines. However in my experience there are seven topics I continue to see investors ask about and what they are watching.


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