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How To Attract Renters With Premium Bicycle Parking Amenities

Bicycle amenities in apartments can attract renters

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Bicycle commuting is on the rise, especially with Millennials, and one sure way to attract their attention is by offering the best in bicycle parking amenities and bicycle racks.

By Robert Caston

According to the League of American Bicyclists, bicycle commuting has risen 62%. In bike friendly cities that have invested in their bicycle infrastructure and added safer bike lanes, the number of bicycle commuters has risen by an impressive 105%!

There are 62 million Americans who ride a bike today. Bicycling is particularly popular with Millennials, that huge demographic born between 1980 and 2000. In fact, in a surprising trend, that group is now waiting longer to obtain their driver’s licenses. According to AAA, the number of cars also purchased by people 18-34 dropped almost 30%.

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5 Killer Strategies To Market Your Apartments Online and Fill Your Vacancies

5 Killer Strategies To Market Your Apartments Online and Fill Your Vacancies

5 Killer Strategies To Market Your Apartments Online and Fill Your Vacancies, Fast
Without having to shell out a mini-fortune on old and outdated marketing channels

Do you want to fill your vacancies fast and keep costs down?  If so,  download your copy of ‘5 Killer Strategies To Market Your
Apartments Online and Fill Your Vacancies, Fast
’.  You are going to absolutely love what I have in store for you.

See, renters are everywhere.

They’re actively searching for apartments they can rent (and yes, that includes YOUR area as well) and will pay handsomely if they find the right one that fits their needs.

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Zillow Gives Multifamily Marketers "Boost" With Precision Targeting

Zillow gives multifamily marketers a boost

Zillow has announced a new program for multifamily marketers to stand out among other rental listings with a unique feature on Zillow, Trulia and HotPads, according to a release.

 The expansion of the popular "Boost" advertising program identifies apartment shoppers on Zillow, Trulia and HotPads and targets them with highly relevant advertising on Facebook, according to the release.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce this technology to our growing audience of multifamily partners," Greg Schwartz, Zillow Group chief business officer, said in the release.

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Top Oregon And Washington Apartments In Latest Online Reputation Ratings

New online reputation management scores from J Turner research

The top Oregon and Washington apartments are highlighted in the latest J Turner Research  online reputation ratings scores for apartments across the country.

The rankings generate a single score on a scale from 0 to 100

Some key highlights of the report according to an email release from J Turner Research:

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3 Smart-Home Technology Ideas That Add Value To Your Rental Unit

Add value to your rental unit with technology such as a smart thermostat

Adding value to your rental units can frequently help get new tenants, and help to keep the ones you. Here are a few devices to consider.

By Kristin Flores

Rental Housing Journal

Among the products that are a result of our incredible leaps and bounds with technology, smart home technology has become increasingly popular for homeowners and the rental housing industry.

With the advent of technology such as the Amazon Echo , the infamous Siri  and various other devices that make your life easier, smart home technology has been weaving itself into our daily lives. From our most basic appliances  being able to control almost everything in your home with your cellphone - even if you are in a completely different country!

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One Tool In An Apartment Online Lead Generating Plan

uploading apartment video tours can be a key part of your marketing

Making it easier for tenants to find an apartment, and for property managers to show apartments, is key these days for many in rental housing.

The technology is rapidly changing but there is one tool that has been around for a few years that still works and is worth considering.


By John Triplett

Rental Housing Journal

When my friend was looking for an apartment in a metro area in the Midwest, she spent two days driving around with an apartment locating service person.

Even though she had identified a general part of town where she wanted to locate, there was still a lot of time spent driving, looking at units that did not fit the requirements and spending long frustrating days.

What is the solution to all the driving around and looking with apartment locating services or even your own sales people doing this?

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7 Steps To Better Apartment Marketing But Don’t Forget The Sign

How to do better apartment marketing

Landlords are interested in apartment marketing and knowing where other property managers are finding renters, where to advertise for renters and where renters are looking when they are in search of a new place to live. You cannot just put your feet up on your desk and wait, you have to do things differently these days.

There are marketing companies out there to help, but it all depends on the size of your budget, the size of your market and what has worked well in the past.

If what you have used in the past is no longer working – or you wished it could work better -  then it could be time to try some new approaches. After all, long gone are the days when you advertised apartments for rent in the newspaper.

Sometimes the good old-fashioned “For Rent” sign still works great for a local property, especially in a smaller market,  so do not overlook that when you are thinking about the best digital solutions for your marketing as well.

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How are you using search technology to improve your online marketing results?

search is a key to finding your next tenant

How well is your apartment complex showing up when prospective tenants search for their next home?

Does your marketing spend on search justify the cost and bring your more leads?

Are you spending enough on search technology in the right way in the right place? Blogger Matt Easton takes on a few of these questions.


By Matt Easton

There are several ways to get your property to rank in search results and bring you more leads and more good tenants.

Paid search using Google AdWords is one strategy that can work, but you also want to be sure your website has the content your prospective tenant is looking for when they land on your website from that paid campaign.

Better content to improve your organic search ranking, along with a paid campaign, will help build your presence in search. Always remember that content you want to build is not about you and your property necessarily. That of course is important.

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Ask the Secret Shopper – Appropriate Appearance

Ask the Secret Shopper – Appropriate Appearance

Ask the Secret Shopper

Appropriate Appearance

Everyone knows you only get one chance to make a first impression. What you communicate from the curb, carries over into the office environment and beyond. Paying attention to professional office attire is important year round, but especially during the warmer summer months. When the weather is hot and everyone is trying to keep cool and comfortable, some employees may be presenting more than just their apartments! This can be a distraction to co-workers and residents, and disrupt the sales process. Here is a topic of concern based on the question below:       

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5 Secrets You Need To Know About Apartment Marketing

5 secrets to great apartment marketing

Even if you are the world's best property manager, there are some secrets to apartment marketing that can bring you results now and hold down your marketing budget in the future.

By Matt Easton

Congratulations, you are the marketing manager of the best apartment portfolio, or property manager of the best community in town, or:

  • You have new construction in lease-up.
  • You have an older community that wants to stay on top.

Even if you are the world’s best property manager, you still may have no clue how you’re going to get your units toured by hot, qualified, prospective renters who are ready to lease a unit from you today.

 And, no matter how cool your communities are, if people don’t know about them at the precise moment they are looking to lease, you will never hit your occupancy goals. Getting units leased is what apartment marketing should be all about.


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