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Dear Landlord Hank: My Tenant Wants To Repaint His Unit – What Should I Do?

Dear Landlord Hank: Should I let a tenant repaint?

Tenants wanting to paint one of our rentals is something that often comes up. Should I let a new tenant repaint his unit? Each week veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi answers questions from other landlords and property managers around the country about their rentals.

By Landlord Hank Rossi

Dear Landlord Hank,

A new tenant has moved into one of my units and has asked if he could repaint. I just paid to have the unit painted white so it would go with everything. What do you think?

Dear Landlord Mike,

I would tell the tenant that he cannot make any changes to the paint.

In the past, tenants have sworn they would repaint to original color and it has never happened.

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The Top 3 Criteria Renters Use To Evaluate A Property

The top 3 criteria renters use to evaluate a property

A survey of active renters shows the top three criteria potential tenants use to evaluate a property are the price, the location and the community environment, according to a recent study.

The survey by Village Green, called the National Renters Index, involved 1,000 respondents in seven markets across the country.

In looking for properties, 59 percent of renters said in the survey they research online before visiting a potential rental property and 65 percent used nationally-known renting websites, such as

Community environment is important to renters who say they want a “homey” look and feel in their apartment community with a high-end feel. The cities included in the survey were Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia and Minneapolis.

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7 Habits Of Highly Successful Property Managers

7 habits of highly successful property managers

What are 7 habits of highly successful property managers? recently did a webinar to explore 7 ways that property managers can better organize their daily routines while the chaos of property management problems rage around them. Here are the 7 habits.

No. 1 - Make Communication A Core Competency

“Create templates for everything, from emails to new tenants, notifications you send when people are late on rent, or common alerts.  These can all be made into templates and used over and over. If you are sending the same information more than three times in a month, you need a template. Software can help you do this,” Lauren Mason, Field Marketing Manager for, said on the webinar.

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Multifamily Recycling Issues At Buildings In Portland Metro

Multifamily recycling issues at Portland metro apartment buildings

A new study says there is inadequate access to multifamily recycling, including mixed recycling and glass recycling service, at many multifamily buildings in the Portland metro area, according to the Multifamily Recycling Project.

The study was a collaborative project between Metro, the cities of Beaverton, Gresham and Portland, and Clackamas and Washington counties. The project focused on gathering and analyzing a range of data about garbage and recycling in apartment and condominium buildings with five or more units, across greater Portland.

The purpose of the project was to define what opportunities for improvement exist in multifamily garbage and recycling collection related to policy, infrastructure, and education, according to the study.

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Over-Automated Recruitment Processes Can Leave Job Candidates Frustrated

over-automated recruiting processes can leave job candidates frustrated

Most job candidates find value in technology but they are frustrated when it supersedes the human aspect of the job search and hiring process, according to a new study.

In fact, 82 percent of respondents agree they are often frustrated with an overly automated job search experience, according to a release from Randstad.

The issue is around the role technology should play in the job search and hiring process.

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Amazon Launches Delivery Locker Product For Apartment Buildings

New apartment locker product from Amazon called The Hub

Amazon has launched a new delivery locker product, called “the Hub,” for apartment buildings so residents can securely receive bulky packages and pick them up at convenient times for the tenants, according to Amazon.

Amazon is promoting the service saying, “It’s your package. Pick it up on your schedule.”

The pitch to property managers to focus on residents

Amazon is pitching the lockers to apartment owners and property managers saying, ”Your residents will thank you.

“Accepting deliveries from all carriers, Hub by Amazon can free you and your staff from daily package management.  It’s convenient and easy to use, making the Hub an amenity your residents will love.

“Self-service delivery and trusted customer support come together to create a solution you can count on,” the company says.

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Seattle Tightens Rental Inspection Rules On Landlords

The Seattle City Council has tightened rental inspection rules giving less notice to landlords before an inspection, according to reports.

The changes reduce the amount of advance notice landlords get that their building will be inspected from two months to 10 days. They will receive a 60-day notice of a pending inspection, but no specifics on which apartments will be inspected.

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7 Questions And Answers On Canine Liability Insurance

7 questions and answers about canine liability insurance

Debbie Turner got into the canine liability insurance issue after she adopted a schnauzer, named Jazz,  who had personality issues.

She began to learn the different aspects of canine behavior so she could try and figure out why Jazz was so broken.  Jazz led a long and healthy life and ultimately died of old age.

“But somewhere it just hit me that the insurance industry is not underwriting the canine exposure," she said. She became interested in canine behavior and "found insurance companies just do not know how to underwrite this risk,” she said in an interview about what led her to start Dean Insurance Agency and the website

Jazz the Schnauzer

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Cost Of R22 For Older Air Conditioner Repairs Is Skyrocketing

cost of air conditioner repairs on older systems could skyrocket this summer

Air conditioner repairs this summer will come with skyrocketing costs for the refrigerant R22, more commonly known as Freon™, according  to a release.

Production of R22 refrigerant, which is being phased out by the Environmental Protection Agency because it contains environmentally harmful ozone-depleting substances, has already dropped by 90 percent. Production will be prohibited by 2020.

In air conditioner repairs, owners face the challenge of whether to repair or to replace a system using R22 refrigerant from both a financial and environmental perspective, according to the release.

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Pet-Friendly Workplaces Improve Employee Morale And Retention

Pet-friendly workplaces improve employee morale and retention

Pet-friendly workplaces improve the morale and retention of employees, according to a new survey.

Research has found that employees who bring their pets to work tend to have lower stress levels by the end of the day, and that their pet can help reduce blood pressure, decrease loneliness, help lower cholesterol levels and encourage physical activity, according to a release.


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