Is Your Property Ready for An Apartment Open House?

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Is Your Property Ready for An Apartment Open House?

The maintenance check up this week, provided by Keepe, asks whether you are ready for an apartment open house at your property and provides a maintenance checklist for property showings.

When looking for new tenants, ensuring that a property is in its best possible shape should be at the top of any property manager’s list.

Serious prospective tenants will likely be able to look past the smell of freshly baked cookies and notice the property’s functional and structural details to ultimately decide whether a property it’s worth their time and money.

The most effective approach for getting a ready for an apartment open house begins with highlighting its best qualities while making sure that those needing work are tended to - and this does not necessarily require expensive or drastic makeovers!

The following guide includes the top maintenance jobs that - by improving both aesthetics and essential structural functions - are guaranteed to make every area of your property show-ready.

Landscaping and exteriors

Is Your Property Ready for An Apartment Open House?

  • Hire a landscape professional: a property with a lawn looks best with freshly mowed grass, healthy plants, colorful flowers, neat pathways and well-kept decor (throw out those discolored garden gnomes!)
  • Have the front door and garage doors repainted with a fresh and vibrant coat of paint
  • Hire a pressure-washing specialist to clean walkways, exterior walls, decks, patios and fences: this is often all that is needed to revitalize the exteriors of your home, which is more affordable and less time-consuming than completely repainting those areas
  • Schedule a gutter cleaning - clean gutters look better and show tenants that the property is adequately cared for
  •  Have outdoor lighting fixtures checked so that tenants can enjoy the safety of a well-lit property
  • Bonus tip: arrange for faded or rusty mailboxes and house numbers to be replaced.

3 interior to-dos before an apartment open house

Is Your Property Ready for An Apartment Open House?

  1. Hire an HVAC specialist to inspect the HVAC system and tend to any HVAC-related needs or issues. This ensures that tenants won’t have to deal with the headaches of faulty HVAC systems, which should be even more of a priority in the winter time.
  2. Hire a plumber to inspect the state of the property’s pipes and septic system and fix eventual issues
  3. Arrange a general checkup with your electrician to check and tend to outlets and lighting fixtures
  4. Bonus tip: it’s generally a good idea to turn to a professional cleaning service to have a property thoroughly cleaned before showings.

Kitchen and bathroom apartment open house check list

  • Check tiling and turn to a tiling professional if your property has damaged or broken tiles or if the grout is wearing off.
  • Check cabinets and arrange for eventual repairs for damaged or worn cabinets, paying particular attention to wooden surfaces as splinters and old nails can be dangerous for your tenants.
  • Check counter surfaces: when it comes to more delicate surfaces - like marble, granite  and stone - it’s best to consult the professional who installed and/or manufactured original surfaces and have them restore or repair them.
  • Inspect appliances and fixtures: as for delicate surfaces, turning to the original manufacturer and scheduling an inspection for kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures is ideal as they know their products best. To avoid the unpleasant surprise of a broken fixture or appliance during a showing, this step is crucial.
  • Bonus tip: investing in newer appliances and fixtures that are more efficient and feature energy-saving modes makes for a great upgrade that many tenants will find appealing.

3 living room, bedrooms and family rooms checks

  1. Schedule a flooring restoration service: for hardwood and especially carpet, it’s advised to schedule a deep cleaning or wood restoration service for like-new flooring that will wow your apartment Open House audience.
  2.  Inspect and restore walls and wall trimmings: over time, walls and trimmings can easily begin to look worn and dirty; patching areas with most visible damages, such as those displaying chips, cracks and stains, is affordable and it can make quite the visible difference.
  3. Check the insulation on windows and doors: drafts that come in from poorly insulated windows and balcony doors are easily noticeable; additionally, ensuring that a property is well-insulated will actually help saving money on the long run as the heating system can perform most efficiently when interior heat is retained.

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About Keepe:

Keepe is an on-demand maintenance solution for property managers and independent landlords. Keepe makes hundreds of independent contractors and handymen available for maintenance projects at rental properties. Keepe is available in the Greater Seattle area, Greater Phoenix area, San Francisco Bay area, and is coming soon to an area near you. Learn more about Keepe at


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