Portland Tenants United Founder Resigns After “White Supremacy” Charge

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Portland Tenants United Founder Resigns After “White Supremacy” Charge

Portland Tenants United founder Margot Black is resigning her leadership post with the organization after a black activist accused the group of "white supremacy," according to a report in Willamette Week.

 Portland Tenants United  has organized protests the last two years at the annual awards ceremony of a Portland property management association with pickets showing up at the event and carrying signs.

"I have always come to the work with positive intentions but in reality the impacts of some of my actions have had very negative impacts on valued members of our community and created harm," Black said in a statement according to reports.

Cameron Whitten, a Portland black activist, has charged that white activists have orchestrated the harassment and emotional abuse of multiple activists of color. In a post titled, “Portland Tenants United: a Radical Org With a Serious Race Problem,” he specifically singled out Margot Black, “whose actions have been regularly covered up by complicit activists on the PTU Organiz

Portland Tenants United have come under fire from many for their tactics

In addition to the protests at events such as ACE awards led by Multifamily NW, which is an association promoting quality rental housing, they have also contributed to rising tensions among landlords, property managers and tenants.

Landlords and managers have been bullied over rent increases. And they face unpleasant demonstrations from the activists as Portland struggles with a shortage of housing and rapidly rising rents.

Last year Deborah Imse, executive director of Multifamily NW, said in a statement in response to the protests, “Over the past few years, rents in Oregon have risen while incomes have lagged behind, creating an urgent housing crisis. In order to thrive, the region needs to work together to create more quality housing options for families of all incomes.

“With demand for housing continuing to increase, we must take action to reduce rental costs by increasing the variety of housing types available to people of all incomes and creating more subsidized affordable and market-rate units,” Imse said in the statement.

Portland Tenants United Founder Resigns After “White Supremacy” Charge

Protests at awards ceremony in 2016 photos courtesy of Multifamily NW.


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