Effortless Ways To Earn Extra Fees: Bike Rooms And Dog Park Equipment

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Bike rooms and dog park equipment can be apartment amenities that allow you to add extra fees

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Bike rooms and dog park equipment can be the type of amenities renters are looking for in apartments these days.

By Robert Caston

Renters are willing to pay extra fees for bike rooms and dog park equipment because those amenities involve their favorite possessions – bicycles and dogs.

There are some simple strategies you can use to not only attract more renters, but justify charging them for extra services.

Let’s start with bike rooms. The number of bicycle owners in the United States is at an all-time high - 62 million.

More and more people recognize the benefits of exercising by bicycle. In addition, according to the League of American Bicyclists, the number of people who commute by bicycle has risen by more than 105% in many bike-friendly cities over the past several years.

People have a certain affection for their bikes. It’s one of their prized possessions. Their bikes reflect their personalities. Today bicycles are also more technologically advanced with super lightweight carbon frames and leading-edge gear mechanisms. Some people are spending upwards of five thousand dollars on a new bicycle.

What do renters appreciate in bike rooms?

With that type of investment, renters will appreciate the ability to store their bicycles in a secure, well-built bike room. They will be willing to pay a few extra dollars for this privilege.

In the past, landlords might have designated a dark closet in the corner of a basement for bicycle storage. However, today, savvy apartment owners are showcasing their bike rooms as a major feature in their buildings.

For example, the City Tower apartment building in Brooklyn, NY, features their bike room on the 19th floor with spectacular views.

The key to providing long-term bicycle storage is to use the right commercial bike racks. These specialized bike racks are designed to maximize space indoors. That means providing a secure way to lock a bicycle without the bikes banging into each other. In addition, you need to provide plenty of aisle space so bicyclists can easily move about the room.

One solution is to install vertical bike racks. These commercial bike racks can be either freestanding or wall-mount bike racks. The bikes are hung vertically upright, leaving much more room to move around or store a large number of bikes.

However, now that bikes are much more expensive, it is critical that the commercial bike racks allow for three points of locking contact. This means a sturdy U-lock can be passed through a locking arm, frame and front tire to ensure adequate security. The FBI estimates more than 1 million bicycles are stolen every year. Be sure you offer renters the peace of mind that their bikes are locked securely.

Think how impressed a potential renter will be when they see a row of vertical bike racks neatly lined up in your bike rooms, with bicycles stored in an organized manner without any frame to frame conflict.

One way to add more spark to  bike rooms is by adding popular extra features that appeal to any bicyclist, without a large investment out of your pocketbook.

Bike rooms plus more

For example, add a public bike repair station. Bicyclists love this convenient apparatus because it enables them to make simple repairs or adjustments to their bikes.

Bike repair stations come with a handy set of tools that are tethered to the stand by a durable aircraft-grade wire. There is a complete set of wrenches, screwdrivers and other items available that can be used on any bicycle. Some bicycle repair stations will also come with chocks to hold the bikes upright it is easier to make repairs.

  • Another important yet simple amenity to include in any bike room is a bicycle pump. These pumps can be mounted into the floor so they can’t be removed, but will be welcome by bicyclists who might need to add a few extra psi to their tires before they head out.
  • You can make a bike room even more attractive by adding a bike wash station. This allows bicyclists to clean off their precious bikes after a ride through mud, rain or snow and to keep their gears free of grime and dirt.
  • Some bike rooms also feature vending machines, another nice source of revenue. Offer popular bike repair items such as tire tubes or patch kits.
  • For renters who have very expensive bicycles or prefer the ultimate in bicycle storage, consider adding enclosed bike lockers. With these lockers, a bicycle is individually stored in a metal box and can’t be touched by anyone without a key. Bike lockers are becoming very popular with die-hard bicyclists. Many facility managers in office buildings or multi-family communities find a portion of bike riders are glad to pay fees for this extra security.

Overall, quality bike storage can be an excellent source of ancillary income. Fees for bike-related services can range from $10 to $100 per month. Those fees and the extra appeal you will create for tenants will easily justify any initial investment in a bike room.

Make it easy for renters to exercise their pets

dog park equipment and bike rooms can be great amenities that allow apartments to increase fees

Kids are not the only ones who love playgrounds. So do dogs and pet owners.

Many property managers charge tenants fees for their pets. You can make the proposition more appealing by adding a few simple pieces of dog playground equipment.

Think about the appeal.

Dogs are built to run and jump. But many times, they are stuck inside all day while their owners are at work or running errands.

By adding dog agility equipment at your facility, a pet owner has no need to venture all the way to a park to exercise their dogs. They can do it right where they live!

The key with dog park equipment is to be sure you add devices that appeal to all dogs of assorted sizes and abilities. For example, a dog jump with three different hoops at various levels is a smart choice.

With these hoops, a toy poodle can enjoy jumping just as much as a golden retriever. Some of the more popular dog agility pieces include jumps, hurdles, ramps, crawl tunnels and weave posts.

Be sure the products you purchase come with a thermoplastic coating that is impervious to dog urine and provides a non-slip surface.

It is also smart to include a leash post and a bench for the owners to relax while their dogs have fun. And be sure you have plenty of dog waste stations with bags and trash receptacles to keep the premises clean.

According to American Veterinary Medical Foundation, in 2012 there were nearly 70 million dogs in the US. That’s an enormous market. Adding dog park equipment does not require a major investment.

But you can be sure that dog owners will be super-excited to see facilities where they can exercise and train their pets. That will easily justify any extra fees you need to charge. A properly-built dog agility area is also definitely an amenity that will draw the attention of prospective tenants.

People have a love affair with their bikes and pets. Provide amenities that help them enjoy this important part of their lives, and they will reward you for adding these services.

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