Should Your Company Have A Policy On Workplace Political Discussion?

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Should your company have a policy on workplace political discussion?

Employees in the U.S. find it increasingly difficult to ignore political discussion in their workplace, and 31% believe political conversations among coworkers decrease their company's productivity, according to a release.

New findings in a survey by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews site, indicates many employees are distracted and negatively impacted by political discussions at work.

"I think we need to create some kind of policy which talks about behavior and how we communicate,"  Steve Albretch, Ph.D, human resources consultant and author, said in the release.

 "Something that says, 'We work in the same place. Despite differences in a number of issues, we act as one team and one organization, so we need to be respectful and respected by our peers.' When discussions about the news turn into arguments, people have the right to address the conflict."

Key findings on political discussion:

  • 12% of employees have been uncomfortable due to political expression at work in the last week, and 31% say their company’s productivity level has decreased as a result.
  • 45% of companies have a guideline/policy regarding political expression in the workplace. Larger enterprises are more likely than small businesses to have a policy in place.
  • Over half of employees who have been uncomfortable or distracted by political expression at work believe their company should create a policy to address these issues.
  • Employees who are negatively affected by political expression at work are more prevalent at companies where employees have diverse political views.

For human resources managers, navigating this issue can potentially be as contentious as the political discussions themselves when trying to balance freedom of speech with protecting employees' rights in the workplace.

Policies regarding political expression in the workplace are more common among larger enterprises (5,000-10,000 employees); 67% have some kind of policy or guideline in place.

But employees are not in agreement about these policies; barely one-third of employees surveyed say their organization should have a policy or guideline in place regarding political expression.

Employees who resist policies that restrict political expression may feel their company is trying to micromanage them, and that limiting their freedom to talk politics at work will negatively affect company culture and engagement.

However, among employees who have felt uncomfortable due to political conversations, or who believe their company's productivity level has decreased as a result of politics, 58% say their company should develop a policy addressing the issue. Employees who feel negatively impacted by politics in the workplace say it is their company's responsibility to remedy the problem.

Human resource experts recommend, at the very least, addressing the issue of political expression in the workplace with employees.

The survey findings suggest that regardless of whether a formal, written policy, or a brief, conversational approach is right for your company and its employees, this issue should be considered and addressed by company leadership.

About the Survey

Clutch surveyed 1,000 full-time employees to evaluate their experience with political expression in the workplace and company policies affecting political expression. 48% of respondents work at companies with fewer than 200 employees, while 52% work at companies with 201-10,000+ employees. Data was collected throughout February 2017.

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