7 Steps To Better Apartment Marketing But Don’t Forget The Sign

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How to do better apartment marketing

Landlords are interested in apartment marketing and knowing where other property managers are finding renters, where to advertise for renters and where renters are looking when they are in search of a new place to live. You cannot just put your feet up on your desk and wait, you have to do things differently these days.

There are marketing companies out there to help, but it all depends on the size of your budget, the size of your market and what has worked well in the past.

If what you have used in the past is no longer working – or you wished it could work better -  then it could be time to try some new approaches. After all, long gone are the days when you advertised apartments for rent in the newspaper.

Sometimes the good old-fashioned “For Rent” sign still works great for a local property, especially in a smaller market,  so do not overlook that when you are thinking about the best digital solutions for your marketing as well.

A couple of low-cost suggestions from one company includes both Facebook ads as well as direct mail when you are really looking to hold down the budget.

Another company advocates creating your own apartment review page on your website featuring your residents with pictures and testimonials of your apartments. This is something you do and control yourself and your goal is to outrank Yelp or other review sites out there with information you know really comes from your residents.

Our friends over at a different company are focused more on making your website a better lead generator for you.

Seven steps to better apartment marketing

Jake Meador writes in his blog at another apartment marketing company that there are seven steps he recommends. But first he reminds us that, “Marketing apartments is one of the harder and more unique skill sets a marketer or business owner will need to learn. The particular quirks of the multifamily industry make it a fairly singular type of marketing.”

Meador goes on to say that, “So many of the ideas that are the classic Marketing 101 sort of ideas need to be modified for our industry or even abandoned altogether.”

He starts out recommending in Step One that you create visual content – both photo content and video content – from photos of floor plans to videos that tour the apartments.

Read the rest of his seven steps here.

Steps to better apartment marketing

Certainly if your complex is a near a university you are going to need the special marketing required by Millennials both on their terms and on their turf. Remember they live on their phones, so you need to have the apps they are looking for to communicate with you. So offer the latest technology as this group of renters will be expecting it.

Remember too, this groups starts where to live in which apartments with searches on Google and Bing. So be sure you know how your apartments look on those search engines. If you do not like how you look, find an expert to help you.

While there is not a single process you do a single time, just remember not to forget the old standby “For Rent” sign on your property because it still works too.


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