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Arizona Rental Housing Journal Welcomes The Arizona Real Estate Investors Association As Monthly Contributor

Professional Publishing is excited to welcome The Arizona Real Estate Investors Association as a monthly contributor to Arizona Rental Housing Journal, beginning in January 2014. AZREIA in the premier association for real estate investors in Arizona and will be providing valuable information and expert commentary on the local markets to our publication. The partnership will also expand our readership throughout Arizona.

Arizona Rental Housing Journal is a monthly business journal for the greater multifamily and rental housing industry in Arizona. Reaching over 10,000 apartment and rental housing owners, investors, property managers and maintenance professionals in print and over 25,000 property management and real estate professionals digitally, the publication is the most widely read and circulated industry publication in Arizona. Visit:

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Use of the Radio and the Unknown Rusk of Copyright Infringement

Use of the radio and the unknown risk of copyright infringement By Christopher R. Walker, Esq., Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, P.C. Whether you enjoy using the radio in your car, at the gym, or at your place of employment, the use of the radio is widespread. While many take for granted the free use of the copyrighted material that is broadcasted through their personal radios, some uses of the same copyrighted material can subject the radio operator to liability for copyright infringement. In the arena of copyright enforcement for the performing arts, SESAC, ASCAP, and BMI, known as performance rights organizations (“PROs”), hold licenses from the various music recording companies and seek enforcement of the copyright code. In the context of the property management, many major property management firms have been approached by one or more of these PROs regarding the operation of radios in various areas of their residential rental communities.

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Top Seven Reasons to Use Rental Payment History Data

Experian® RentBureau®, the leading provider of rental payment history data to the multifamily industry, recently released the findings of an analysis examining the financial risk posed by residents and the most effective screening metrics to employ to avoid lost revenue from risky residents. The analysis, Risk versus reward: identifying the highest-quality resident using rental payment history, provides unique, industry-specific insights regarding the use of rental payment data in conjunction with credit scores in screening to produce a superior prediction of a resident’s propensity to default. The analysis also includes first-of-its-kind data regarding late payments, nonsufficient funds (NSF), write-offs and rental collections. Here’s a look at the top seven takeaways from the analysis that offer multifamily owners and property managers a look into the best applications of resident payment history data:


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