No Vacancy! 6 Hot Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation Home Long After the Vacation’s Over

American Apartment Owners Association - Thu, 09/13/2018 - 11:51am

To the uninitiated, buying a vacation home in a popular destination seems like a brilliant business move. You’ve got your own special place to escape to anytime you want—and you can rent it out and make money when you’re not there. Talk about a win-win!

And during high season, it probably is: Whether you have a lakefront bungalow or a cozy ski condo five minutes from the area’s top runs, you likely have no problem getting potential renters fighting over your listing each week.

Unfortunately, as soon as the leaves begin to turn things might start to get a bit icy (or the last of the snow melts, and skiers hang up their gear). You’ve tried a price reduction, but you simply aren’t getting any bookings, even on the weekends.


All is not lost! You can still attract year-round visitors to your seasonal rental. You just have to get creative, says Hugh Barton, president of Luxury Vacation Homes Global in New York City.

“People look for deals during the offseason; a person who cannot necessarily afford a luxury home in the summer can possibly afford it during the winter,” says Barton, who rents out vacation homes year-round in 50 locations worldwide. “The key is to highlight the benefits that these locations bring during the offseason.”

Here are six ideas for how to rent out your vacation home long after the crowds have disappeared.

1. Heat things up with a hot tub (or at the very least, a game room)

During the offseason, luxury amenities are key for getting renters to bite, Barton says. If you’re struggling to make your home stand out, consider installing an indoor sauna or an outdoor hot tub. Without fail, these vacation amenities draw in the crowds, he says.

Of course, they also don’t come cheap—on average, it’ll cost you $4,500 to install a sauna and $3,500 for a hot tub—not including the costs of utilities and maintenance.

So if going luxe isn’t in your budget, don’t despair—there are some cheap(er) tricks to try: “Make a designated game room with pool tables, a huge shelf of board games, and a pingpong table,” Barton suggests. “Or create a cinema room set up with tons of movies.”

And don’t forget what’s outside, either. Stock your home with sleds, snowboards, kayaks, and other gear for renters to use.

“Make sure your amenities are of the highest caliber,” he says. “This will make any guest feel like they are on vacation, no matter the season.”

2. Market to different audiences

If you’re struggling to fill the vacancies in your vacation home, it might be time to think outside the box: “A home can be used for more than just a vacation,” Barton points out.

In the offseason, he suggests, you can offer up your luxury home as a spot for a corporate retreat. Or consider hosting a writers workshop, or rolling out the yoga mats for groups looking for a wellness weekend away.

Just make sure you bone up on the rules and regulations on using your home this way. In some markets, you might have to add the owner of the event to your insurance and/or purchase extra liability coverage.

3. Sell the location, no matter what time of year

Jennifer Nelson, an agent with Realty Executives in Phoenix, says her clients often have trouble renting out their Arizona vacation homes during the summer when temps can regularly reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Still, she says, there are always ways to lure renters—if you know how to market the location.

“It’s a smart idea to promote local attractions in conjunction with your rental,” she says. “For example, ‘Get the best tickets of the season for the Diamondbacks game!’ Or your town’s local auto auction, state fair, or whatever.”

While you’re at it, take the opportunity to play up any advantages of visiting the town in the offseason.

“In the winter, [you can] showcase that there are fewer crowds, easier access to high-end restaurants and local services that would ordinarily require a long wait,” she says.

4. Offer exclusive, ‘act now’ discounts

Of course, you can lower your nightly rates to draw in renters, Nelson says. Really want to be booked solid? Put some urgency behind it, and make it clear that this is a deal that’s too good to pass up.

Start by emailing renters who’ve already stayed in your home and gave it rave reviews, Nelson recommends.

“Offer them expiring, ‘act now’ pricing to attract attention so it doesn’t get lost in their email inbox,” she says. “For instance, ‘Book by the end of this week only for a special offseason rate! Extra discounts for stays of longer than seven days!’”

5. Sprinkle in a little holiday magic

Everyone dreams of a getaway somewhere far, far away from Aunt Edna around the holidays. If you can offer your beach or lake house for a bargain price that time of year, capitalize on that, Nelson says.

“If winter is your offseason, consider offering a holiday promotion and highlight your local Christmas fairs and horse-drawn carriage rides,” she says. “Tenants love to envision the whole getaway, not just the home, so the more you can expose them to, the better.”

6. Paint a pretty picture

Perhaps most important, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words—or in this case, thousands of dollars of rental income in your pocket, Nelson says.

“Update your photos to show off the season,” she urges. “For winter tenants, consider putting some cocoa and mugs on the counter, show the local Christmas lights on the rooflines, and show off how magical your town looks in winter. Show off the brilliant fall foliage in autumn and the dreamy spring sunsets over the water, too.”

Then sit back and watch as your booking calendar fills up.



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How to Get Your Investment Property Ready to be Rented Out

American Apartment Owners Association - Thu, 09/13/2018 - 11:48am

If you’ve got an investment property that you’d like to start renting out, there are a number of things you need to do to make sure it’s ready. Some of these tips could actually make a difference in the demand for your property and can increase how much you can charge for rent, or how easily you get tenants in the first place.

While renting out a property isn’t always straightforward, it’s still a viable investment that beats many others in the current economic climate. In the right location, a good investment property can make you between 5-8% yield each year. Not only that, but the value of the property could also go up over time.

That’s why location is important when choosing a rental property. You want somewhere that you can afford, but that also has the potential to go up in price. As well as that, you’ll want a healthy rental market so you can get your property filled with tenants reasonably quickly and get a good rental price in place. So what do you need to do to get your property on the market?

Use multiple realtors

Make sure you use multiple realtors to try and promote your property unless they can offer you an excellent deal to go exclusive.

Find the right price

Every property sells or gets let out at the right price eventually. So if you’re struggling to get enough interest, you might want to consider lowering it.

The right investment property strategy normally matches a growing property market with a healthy rental yield. Make sure you’ve got your property sorted so you can start earning on your investment.

Get professional photos

Almost everyone checks for properties online these days, or at the very least, in property magazines or realtor windows. That means the most important factor in getting high demand for your property is good quality photos. So many great properties go un-visited (and therefore un-rented) because the landlord put up poor quality photos that don’t do the place justice.

If you want to get a lot of interest in your property – get professional photos.

Make sure your gas and electric are sorted

You don’t want to start encountering problems AFTER you’ve rented out your property. Make sure you fix your gas and electric so that you don’t have to be called out at additional cost.

Fix any minor issues with the property

Fix every minor issue with your property. Again, if something breaks and you have to be called out, it’s going to cost you more. Not only that, but a property that’s in good shape will demand more on the market.


Even if it’s just a new lick of paint, make sure your property is in reasonably good health. This’ll make it worth more and increase demand from renters.

Install a quality boiler and appliances

You don’t want things that break so you have to keep buying new ones. Make sure your boiler is of good quality and is built to last, along with any other appliances you’re providing.

Get good-quality furniture

Not only will high-quality furniture make the property more popular with potential renters, it’ll also last longer and suffer less from wear and tear.



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