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Property Management Success, While Maintaining Your Sanity!

Picture this…Captain Craig has invited you to spend a month sailing the Caribbean with all the lobster you can eat! Your captain has only one rule—“no telephone calls, no E-mail, no texts”. Will your properties run smoothly while you’re gone? Will your residents be well served in your absence? The information in this article, when put into practice, will reduce your stress, increase your business success, and give you the freedom (and vacation!) you so richly deserve. Building a winning team: Trust each employee to do their job and be sure each team member feels they are a valuable part of your property management team. Set the example for positive interaction between members of your team at all times, even when ideas or performance must be corrected. Conversely, if you have current employees who are not performing well, consider whether they are a wise investment as your property management company is only as good as each individual’s contribution.


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